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Aha Macav Housing Entity

The Fort Mojave Tribal Council appointed the Aha Macav Housing Entity as the Tribal Designated Housing Entity (TDHE) effective January 1, 1998.  The Board of Commissioners consists of five members, each appointed by the Fort Mojave Tribal Council to exercise the powers set forth in the Aha Macav Housing Board Bylaws.

The Aha Macav Housing Entity is located on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation in Mohave Valley, Arizona.  The Aha Macav Housing Entity serves tribal members who fall within the low-income program guidelines.  One of many goals is to provide safe, modern, and sanitary housing on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation for enrolled tribal members.  The Aha Macav Housing Entity manages rental units in Mohave Valley, AZ and Needles, CA as well as oversees the Lease to Purchase units in Needles, CA.

Melinda Cruz is the Executive Director of the Aha Macav Housing Entity where she oversees AMHE’s overall operations, including the administrative and operation budgets and housing programs. Mrs. Cruz began her Housing career in 2002 as the housing secretary. Soon thereafter, held the positions of Collections Officer, Financial Coordinator and as the Administrative Assistant. In 2007-2009 served as the Interim Executive Director. In 2010 Mrs. Cruz left Housing to fulfill other tribal positions only to return as AMHE’s Executive Director in 2016. Prior to Mrs. Cruz appointment she served as a member of the Board of Commissioner for three years. Since her hire AMHE has achieved full compliant operations, submission of the Indian Housing Plan (IHP) as well as all HUD timely reporting’s. Mrs. Cruz made it a point to improve AMHE’s programs and staffing positions to better serve the participants of the AMHE. Mrs. Cruz is excited to be a component in overseeing all housing development projects in the upcoming year. Mrs. Cruz is a member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and in her spare time enjoys long walks, listening to Christian music, reading, and when time allows participating and attending tribal events.

Linda Gutierrez is a member/elder of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and currently serves as Chairperson of the Aha Macav Housing Entity.  

Ms. Gutierrez was appointed by the Fort Mojave Tribal Council to serve as Commissioner of the Aha Macav Housing Entity; Ms. Gutierrez has served on the board for approximately four terms. 

Ms. Gutierrez is currently employed with Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc. / Fort Mojave Television, Inc. In 1992, Ms. Gutierrez began employment as a Customer Service Representative, promoted to Business Manager, promoted to Assistant General Manager and promoted to General Manager.  In May 2016, Ms. Gutierrez stepped down as General Manager and moved into the position of Office Manager on June 2016 to present.  

Ms. Gutierrez graduated from Needles High School in June 1965, and thereafter, attended Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas, and graduated with a Business Certificate in May 1967.

Leland McCord

Kelly Hills

Regina Hills

Amanda McCord is a member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and serves as a member of the Aha Macav Housing Board.  She has been on the board for 1 term.  

Amanda works for the Fort Mojave Tribe as a director of the Fort Mojave Food Distribution Program as well as the Fort Mojave Tribal Band.  Amanda has been working for the tribe for over 20 years.  

Amanda also sits on the Aha Macav Power Board as the Vice Chair, Emergency Food and Shelter Program as a member, and has recently been appointed secretary of the Western Association of Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (WAFDPIR)